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The material below is designed primarily for video games, but can work in many other formats/media!
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Please note: The static/noise heard in these previews are watermarks. They don't appear in the actual files.

Text & Dialogue SFX Pack

288 SFX for imbuing personality into on-screen text! 16 voices, 6 speeds each, 3 pitches each.

Fantasy Towns Music Pack

Memorable, melodic, and character-rich Town Themes for 9 classic Fantasy settings! Creative orchestral instrumentations! Seamless Loop versions provided for each. 9 compositions, 18 files.

Ambient Puzzle Music/SFX Pack

Gentle and unobtrusive, designed for focused thought and relaxing background music. Great for puzzle games, space themes, and more!

Sci-Fi SFX Pack

73 sound effects - UI & HUD, Ambience Loops, Weapons, Impacts, Monsters, and more!

Cyberpunk Stealth Music/SFX Pack

Dark & Electronic Cyberpunk style songs designed for stealth gameplay or anything needing a brooding and mysterious mood. Sound effects designed to transition between the different moods and intensities of the songs - with a style inspired by classic spy movie sound effects!