Some of Chris' favorite games (and soundtracks) include Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Phantasy Star Online, Animal Crossing, The Elder Scrolls series, Dishonored, and Deus Ex.

Chris Logsdon has been making music since he was eight years old. It was mostly drumming to rock and pop punk music until he discovered the likes of Rush and Dream Theater; music that fills the mind with vivid imagery and tells a story. That's when Chris picked up guitar and started writing music of his own.

After self-studying nearly every style under the sun and playing in several live bands, he decided to try exploring a new path for his college career: video game programming. While in school, he composed music for nearly every project he and his classmates created. This would eventually lead him to the Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG), where he and his friend/former-classmate Jacob Albano showcased their first shipped game, Iridescence.

The afterparty for the BFIG is where he discovered DJ Cutman and video game remix netlabel GameChops. After several demos and a remix competition or two, Chris started a four-year stint of DJing and producing electronic music under the alias "chjolo". He would go on to release a number of video game remixes through GameChops, including official remixes for Smooth McGroove.

Now, with over 15 years of experience writing and performing music, Chris has taken root in Los Angeles to begin a proper career in video game and film composition.